Sarah White

Sarah White
Founder, Content Strategist, Asciidoctor, OpenDevise

Website | @carbonfray

Sarah is a Fedora ambassador focused on making Linux a kick-ass Java development environment.

She’s also the content strategist for the Arquillian Testing Platform —a perfect position for someone passionate about open source, alien invasions, and writing.

Long ago, but sadly, not in a distant galaxy, she assessed hazardous waste sites and tracked pesticide routes through watersheds.


Tools and Techniques
Location: D139/140 Level: Intermediate
Dan Allen (OpenDevise), Sarah White (Asciidoctor, OpenDevise)
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(2.60, 15 ratings)
Writing e-mail is easy. We do it all the time. But it only reaches a limited audience. Writing documentation is hard. We don't do it as often. But online documentation can reach an unlimited audience. Attend this session to learn how lightweight markup makes documentation easier, static site generators make websites simpler and GitHub makes collaborating on content and publishing it online faster. Read more.


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