Ben Combee
Developer Platform Architect, LG Electronics, webOS Framework Team

Website | @unwiredben

Ben Combee is the techie face of the HP webOS framework team, both as a coder and presenter. He has been doing developer activities as part of the Palm & webOS world since leading the Codewarrior for Palm OS team at Metrowerks in the early 2000′s. He has also worked at Mozilla in their mobile browser and done open source hardware hacking with NYC Resistor in Brooklyn.


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Ben Combee (LG Electronics, webOS Framework Team)
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It was just two years ago that the first version of the Enyo library was introduced to the world as a proprietary JavaScript library, tied to the HP TouchPad and its SDK. Now, it’s a thriving framework running on everything from phones to tablets to desktops to TVs, with a contributor community spanning two major companies (LG and HP) and a vibrant collection of independent developers. Read more.


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