Heather Leson

Heather Leson
Director of Community Engagement, Ushahidi

Website | @Heatherleson

Maps and hacks are Heather’s passion. Building on her over 10 years Internet technology background (IP, DNS and Incident Management), Heather is keen to connect people to solve real world problems. She is Director of Community at Ushahidi, a Kenyan free and open source company that builds information collection, data visualization and interactive mapping software. On any given day she could be supporting map projects ranging from elections to protests to anti-corruption to environmental topics.

Heather has been instrumental organizing in a number of open source communities including Random Hacks of Kindness and the Crisismappers Network.


Location: E144 Level: Novice
Moderated by:
Kate Chapman (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
Heather Leson (Ushahidi), Thea Aldrich (SecondMuse ), Pat Tressel (Sahana Software Foundation), Lindsay Oliver (Geeks Without Bounds), sara-jayne Terp (AppNexus)
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Have you been involved in open source for a long time but you’d like it to directly impact peoples’ live? Just beginning and want to help others? Access to free and open software can allow communities to make better decisions in case of disaster, help respond to local crises and use the tools in ways you never dreamed. Learn about some of the projects being used and how you can help. Read more.


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