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Location: E143/144 Level: Intermediate
Damian Conway (Thoughtstream)
Average rating: ****.
(4.19, 31 ratings)
This tutorial explores how Dr Damian Conway -- one of the most prolific and successful contributors to the Perl community and to the CPAN -- manages his own development and maintenance processes. It explains and explores some of the many tools he has designed and constructed to make developing in Perl quicker, cleaner, and more enjoyable. Read more.
Location: D136 Level: Intermediate
David Sklar (Ning (Glam Media))
Average rating: ***..
(3.88, 16 ratings)
This tutorial gives you the details you need to become an idiomatic PHP programmer when you're coming from another language. We won't waste time on basics but instead tour the landscape of the "PHP way" to approach tasks and concepts that you already know how to do in another language, such as wrangling types, OO, errors, performance, external packages, and development environment. Read more.
Programming, Tools and Techniques
Location: Portland 255 Level: Intermediate
Garrett Smith (CloudBees)
Average rating: ***..
(3.33, 39 ratings)
How do you know you've written a good program? There are a couple standards most people use: "works for me" and "all tests pass". If you can get to that point, you're code is in pretty good shape! This talk will go beyond "it works" to explore a programming technique where problems are systematically made obvious and code naturally becomes correct, clear, and maintainable! Read more.
Location: F150 Level: Intermediate
Kirsten Hunter (Akamai)
Average rating: ***..
(3.67, 6 ratings)
The ability to create quick prototypes is fantastic, whether you're at a hackathon, trying to create a proof of concept for work, or just playing on your own. This talk will show you how to create quick applications using python, php and node.js on Heroku, Appfog and Nodejitsu. Read more.


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