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Location: Portland 255 Level: Novice
Ray DiGiacomo, Jr. (Lion Data Systems, LLC)
Average rating: **...
(2.32, 53 ratings)
This workshop will provide the attendee an introduction to R, an open-source statistical computing environment that some say is even more powerful and flexible than SAS and SPSS. Additionally, the session will also provide an introduction to predictive analytics theory and R's ability to apply predictive analytics theory to real-world situations. Read more.
User Experience (UX)
Location: E147 Level: Novice
Paris Buttfield-Addison (Secret Lab Pty. Ltd.), Jonathon Manning (Secret Lab Pty. Ltd.)
Average rating: ****.
(4.33, 21 ratings)
In this workshop, you'll learn how to apply the art and science of constructing enjoyable, engaging games. This is entirely non-electronic; we're not talking about programming, game engine development, or how to approach a publisher with your totally rad idea about how you can have, like Mario only there's explosions. Everything you'll work on will be done with pens, paper, and human brain-meat. Read more.
JavaScript & HTML5
Location: Portland 251 Level: Novice
Joshua Marinacci (PubNub)
Average rating: ****.
(4.17, 36 ratings)
Games account for about half of the apps in the typical app store and are the first thing ported to any new platform. This year's edition of the popular HTML Canvas Deep Dive will focus on building cross-platform games. We will cover everything needed for basic games with animation, audio, image loading, sprites, and joystick support, then package them for desktop, mobile web, and app stores. Read more.
JavaScript & HTML5
Location: Portland 252 Level: Novice
Nathaniel Schutta (
Average rating: ***..
(3.38, 13 ratings)
You may have noticed today's web applications involve more than a few lines of JavaScript. You've probably also figured out JavaScript lacks certain...features...that make writing non-trivial applications more challenging. How do we resolve this conundrum? Read more.


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