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Gautam Mulchandani (New Relic)
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Location: E141
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The New Relic application monitoring solution provides deep and immediate visibility into your application health and performance. Armed with this information, you can quickly resolve end user affecting application problems and scale your applications in a predictable manner. In this session, you will deploy New Relic monitor to your application and see how it performs.
After that, we will examine several New Relic applications being monitored and explore the various features to effectively gain application insight and effectively gain application insight.


1. Laptop with Java/.NET/Python/PHP/Ruby

2. A Web Application and application server running on the laptop that New Relic will monitor.

The session will be run with a Java example using Apache Tomcat and Pet Clinic sample application.

This tutorial is sponsored by New Relic

Gautam Mulchandani

New Relic

Gautam Mulchandani is part of the Sales Engineering team at New Relic. He helps customers and prospects deploy and make effective use of the New Relic solution. With a background in Software Development, Product Management and Sales Engineering, Gautam can see issues from different angles and suggest ways to get better visibility into applications.
Gautam holds a MS in Computer Science from Arizona State University and an MBA from San Jose State University.


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