What WebRTC means for The Web

Moderated by: Ankur Oberoi
Location: E144 Level: Novice
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WebRTC is the first plugin-free realtime communication technology for the web platform. Yes, that’s right, this may be the last place where Flash had something HTML5 couldn’t do, and we might be able to finally say goodbye. But it doesn’t just replace the previous alternatives, it soars above and beyond with built-in security, peer-to-peer connection establishment, and higher quality audio and video transport. All openly standardized and openly implemented. It is now supported in over 60% of user’s browsers – both Google Chrome and Firefox, and its even starting to appear on mobile. Not bad for a technology whose first stable build was only 9 months ago.

In this session we will dig in to discuss what makes WebRTC so exciting for the future of the web. How it enables new breeds of applications in many different use cases. Everything from live face-to-face video streaming that makes the web more human, to real-time data for multiplayer gaming that makes the web more fun.

We will aim to answer these questions and more:

  • Who is working on WebRTC?
  • What are the features? Where are the demos?
  • What are some interesting products in the wild?
  • Advantages and disadvantages?
  • Where should a developer start?
  • Open source projects that can help?
  • Where is WebRTC going in the future?
  • Is it ready for primetime?

Come join the session to just watch or foster a healthy discussion.

This session will be moderated by Ankur Oberoi, a Developer Evangelist at TokBox. The people at TokBox have created the OpenTok API and platform and have been leaders in the WebRTC community. Ankur can be reached on twitter aoberoi, or emailed ankurtokbox.com.


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