Planning an OpenStack Cloud

Moderated by:
Tom Fifield (OpenStack Foundation)
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Location: E141
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The flexibility of OpenStack is a dual-edged sword, giving you unprecedented control over your infrastructure, but potentially becoming a nightmare for the indecisive manager, architect or sysadmin!

In this presentation, Tom Fifield – co-author of the OpenStack Operations Guide, and Community Manager at the OpenStack Foundation – takes you through some of the decisions you will face when planning your OpenStack cloud. In addition to a brief introduction on OpenStack and advice on how to interact with the community, he will cover topics such as:

  • How to approach your deployment, ranging from DIY to a turn-key solution from the ecosystem
  • Storage and networking decisions, including plugin options
  • Automating deployment and configuration with popular tools like Puppet and Chef

Through discussion of the ecosystem, customization and scaling, you’ll walk away with an understanding of ‘what it takes’ to build your OpenStack cloud.

This session is sponsored by Openstack

Photo of Tom Fifield

Tom Fifield

OpenStack Foundation

After learning about scalability in computing from particle physics experiments like ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider, Tom led the creation of the NeCTAR Research Cloud – soon to expand o 30,000 cores over 8 sites distributed over an area comparable to the USA.

Tom is currently harnessing his passion for large scale distributed systems by focusing on their most important part: people, as Community Manager at the OpenStack Foundation. Tom is a co-author of the OpenStack Operations Guide, a documentation core reviewer and a contributor in a small way to Compute (Nova), Object Storage (Swift), Block Storage (Cinder), Dashboard (Horizon), and Identity Service (Keystone).

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Picture of Tom Fifield
Tom Fifield
07/29/2013 7:43am PDT

Apologies all – making one’s way back to Australia takes some time. The slides are at:

Picture of Michael Shadle
Michael Shadle
07/28/2013 8:46am PDT

slides +1

Picture of Ivan Melia
Ivan Melia
07/24/2013 8:32am PDT

Hi, where we can get the slides please? thanks


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