Android-IA Scalability Features To Support A Single Build Target

Andrew Boie (Intel )
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Android-IA is an open source Android distribution targeting Intel Core platforms. We describe enhancements made to the base Android Open Source Project to support a single binary build target that runs unmodified on a large set of IA-based tablets and slates. We support udev-like automatic module loading and init.rc actions based on uevents, I2C and USB sensor hubs, and enhanced WiFi, Camera, and Audio HALs that auto-detect the underlying hardware interfaces. Device provisioning is done by a new UEFI interactive installer which allows the user to provide platform parameters at install-time instead of in the build and dual boot with Windows 8. The user may optionally enable secure boot which verifies all bootloader components, boot images, and Linux kernel modules. We conclude the discussion with some detail on future work as well as a call for community participation in this effort.

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Andrew Boie


Andrew Boie is a senior software engineer for the Intel Android-IA project hosted on, which aims to support Android on Intel Core and Atom platforms. Prior to working at Intel Andrew worked for Garmin International as an engineering team lead on Android-based Garminfone projects. He has spoken at the Android Builder’s Summit in 2012 and 2013 on various Android platform topics and also recently at NSBE Google AnDevDays.


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