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Jason Hoekstra (inBloom)
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inBloom has built a suite of secure services to improve personalized learning for K-12 education. The source code for these services will be released under an Apache license later this year. Come participate in a discussion of our long-term plans of open-source community building and code governance.

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Jason Hoekstra


Jason Hoekstra is the Director of Developer Engagement at inBloom. In his role, he works closely with communities of developers to guide software builds connected to the inBloom APIs to improve technology for K-12 education. He’s contributed to a number of open-source tools at inBloom and led inBloom’s codeathons across the nation.

Prior to joining the inBloom team, Jason worked at the U.S. Department of Education leading efforts promoting data interoperability and open data. He was a core member of the Learning Registry team which is a CouchDB service to propagate and share information on digital learning content. He also lead the Department’s open data strategy as well as the open source release of the Data Visualization module for Drupal.

Jason has a deep technology background spanning over 20 years in software development using a wide-range of tools, languages, databases and platforms. In his spare time, he can be found hacking Arduino projects and learning new technologies such as Lua and Node.JS. Jason resides in Brooklyn, NY.


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