Ceph: Community Status and Getting Involved

Moderated by: Patrick McGarry
Location: E141 Level: Intermediate

Ceph has been getting a lot of attention for object and block storage, especially as it relates to integration with OpenStack and CloudStack, as Inktank has been focused primarily on strengthening that use case. However, there are many efforts underway by the community to build features like erasure coding as well as extend CephFS.

This BoF will walk through some of the existing community development efforts as well as present some of the available projects for community involvement. These projects range from ‘low-hanging-fruit’ suitable for non-technical or novice developers to more robust architectural work for seasoned developers. Anyone with an interest in Ceph, especially as it pertains to helping this project grow, is encouraged to attend.

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Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/25/2013 9:11am PDT

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Picture of Loic Dachary
Loic Dachary
07/16/2013 7:29am PDT

I would love to have a late diner downtown at Tasty N Alder after the BOF http://tastyntasty.com/ . Anyone interested ?


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