Using And Extending The Freeside Billing Toolkit

Jason Hall (Bluehost)
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Location: E142
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When marketing, finance, and legislation collide, developers often get stuck with the short end of the stick. Instead of reinventing the wheel, there is an open source answer. Learn how developers can use the Freeside toolkit to create a flexible billing and payment controller. This talk will cover high-level configuration options, and provide more in-depth code reviews on key plugin sections of the Freeside kit, including:

  • Authentication – Integration with existing authentication schemas
  • Invoicing Terms – The how and when of charging, as well as meeting marketing’s dreams while keeping finance happy
  • Event Conditions – When and why do you perform an action?
  • Event Actions – What can you do?
  • Exports – Talking with everybody in the world
  • Services – What can you sell or bill for?

This session is sponsored by Bluehost

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Jason Hall


Jason Hall has been a Senior Developer at Bluehost for over five years. Originally from Washington state, he spent most of his life in the Seattle area before relocating to Utah in 1998. His previous experience includes serving as a developer for public and private companies specializing in large scale payment processing. Jason serves as a core team member of the Utah Open Source Foundation which runs the OpenWest conference, is a team member of the Freeside Open Source Billing Project and was the President of the Provo Linux users Group. An avid outdoor enthusiast and part of a professional paintball team, Jason and his beautiful wife consider their three wonderful children to be their greatest accomplishment.


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