So you want to collect lots of metrics? Join the discussion around Blueflood from Rackspace

Moderated by: Shane Duan
Location: D139/140 Level: Intermediate

We can quickly find and fix software operational issues before they impact users by performing routine checkups on code just like doctors do on humans. The data generated by software checks are at much bigger scale and require a record system specially designed for this purpose. Rackspace engineers built a metrics system to process, store and serve 8 million data points per hour. We’re pleased to announce its launch as the Blueflood open source project.

We will discuss the first release of Blueflood in this BoF and show how developers can gather and make use of a large number of metrics. Learn how to make use of diagnostic data and see how Rackspace has used the tool to generate value. Software engineers are welcome to discuss the roadmap for development of this newly open source tool.


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