Build Your Own Heroku With Open Source Cloud Foundry - A Hands On Tutorial

Dr. Nic Williams (Stark & Wayne)
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Location: E142
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If you use Heroku for your pet projects, then you can now use open source Cloud Foundry for your work projects.
By the end of this tutorial, you will have your own entire Platform as a Service running on AWS!

Dr. Nic will also describe how easily you can get Cloud Foundry running on your own AWS account or on OpenStack running on your macmini or your corporate data center. We look at how to scale it, how to upgrade it over time, and most importantly: how to deploy applications in less than 30 seconds.

By the end of this tutorial, for just $3 you will have your own entire Platform as a Service running on AWS.


Prerequisites to the tutorial include:

* a laptop with Ruby 1.9.3 installed
* an AWS account signed up for EC2
* and an account with a DNS provider (with a wildcard domain already setup with a really short TTL)

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This tutorial is sponsored by Pivotal

Photo of Dr. Nic Williams

Dr. Nic Williams

Stark & Wayne

Dr Nic has written, maintained and contributed to over a 100 open source projects, across the languages/domains of Ruby, JavaScript, Objective-C and TextMate bundles. He is VP Technology at Engine Yard and is responsible for its large Open Source program.

Dr Nic has been presenting at International Conferences since 2007,
including RailsConf, RubyConf, RailsConf Europe, QCON, JAOO, RubyEnRails,
Rails Underground, Rails Summit Latin America, RubyConf Europe, RubyFools,
OSDC, and RailsCamp.

He is Australian and thinks he is funny.


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