Office Hour with the Gophers

Francesc Campoy (Dgraph), Johan Euphrosine (Google), Brad Fitzpatrick (Google)
Location: Expo Hall (Table 2)

Meet some gophers!

Come discuss your ideas about Go with Brad Fitzpatrick, and Francesc Campoy from the Go team; and Johann Euphrosine from Google Cloud Developer Relations.

Do you want to know more about how Go could be a match for your next project, or hear some of Go’s success stories? Then, these office hours are for you.

Photo of Francesc Campoy

Francesc Campoy


Francesc Campoy Flores joined the Go team in 2012 as Developer Programs Engineer. Since then, he has written some considerable didactic resources and traveled the world attending conferences and organizing live courses.

He joined Google in 2011 as a backend software engineer working mostly in C++ and Python, but it was with Go that he rediscovered how fun programming can be. He loves languages; fluent in four of them, he’s now tackling a fifth one.

He’s at twitter @campoy83

Photo of Johan Euphrosine

Johan Euphrosine


Johan joined Google in 2011 as a Developer Programs Engineer. He is currently focusing on App Engine in Google San Francisco. Before Google, Johan was providing development services as a Freelancer around Free and Open Source Software.

Photo of Brad Fitzpatrick

Brad Fitzpatrick


Brad Fitzpatrick is a software engineer at Google working on the Go programming language. He’s a hacker probably best known for LiveJournal, memcached, and OpenID.


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