Teaching the open source-friendly Google App Engine (and friends)

Moderated by: wesley chun
Location: E142 Level: Novice

These days it’s quite common for secondary, higher ed, or vocational faculty members to deliver courses where students are building web or mobile apps. The problem is that learning programming and web development are standalone courses by themselves, so how can you possibly fit in both topics as well as the original course curricula?

In this “train-the-trainer” session, we’ll discuss delivering crash courses (covering the most critical elements) on both topics as well as how some Google cloud technologies can significantly reduce the burden of getting the students’ development environment all ready. This session also features hands-on demos so you can get started immediately to be just in time for the upcoming school year.

One of these technologies is Google App Engine, which lets developers focus on their application and development without being burdened with system administration, acquisition of, management, and maintenance of hardware, operating systems, web and database servers, licensing, upgrading, etc. All of the lead-up to this part of the session provides the foundation to more quickly understand what App Engine is and how it works, so you in turn can teach it to your students.

The final part of this session, we’ll cover various open source aspects of App Engine, including the open source SDK, and auxiliary tools that help make learning App Engine easier, delivering massive open online courses using App Engine, including course registration (and the fact that these tools themselves are App Engine apps and open source)!

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