Cloud Portability With Multi-Cloud Toolkits

Everett Toews (Rackspace)
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Location: E143
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It’s a multi-cloud world but your code needs to run somewhere. However, the cloud you choose today may not be the cloud you need tomorrow. Changes in reliability, performance, cost, and privacy may drive you to research alternative public clouds, a private cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

Considering cloud portability upfront can be crucial in avoiding lock-in. The tools you use to interact with the cloud will play a large part in how portable your code is between clouds.

In this session you’ll learn how to effectively use software development toolkits that operate across multiple clouds. Find out how to distinguish between the layers of abstraction to achieve maximum portability or utilize cloud specific features. I’ll show examples of multi-cloud toolkit code for Java (jclouds), Node.js (pkgcloud), Python (libcloud), and Ruby (fog).

This session is sponsored by Rackspace

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Everett Toews


Everett Toews is a Developer Advocate at Rackspace making OpenStack and the Rackspace Cloud easy to use for developers. Sometimes Developer, sometimes Advocate, and sometimes DevOps. He’s built web applications, taught workshops, given presentations around the world, and deployed OpenStack in production.


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