Its All About Me! Scaling Personalizable Content at Hulu

Dallas Mahrt (Hulu)
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Location: E141
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Since the first dot com launched, caching has been a go-to tool for improving site performance. Throw a cache in front of your web app then stand back and watch the traffic climb and the money pour in.

Hulu has successfully used multiple levels of caching to improve performance (even our caches have caches). This works great for results that can be shared among all of our users. However, what happens when you start personalizing every response? Caching isn’t going to help you thereā€¦. or is it?

The cache is dead! Long live the cache!

Hulu has built a system that pulls the cache into the service and provides the content metadata to all Hulu interfaces. This session describes this architecture, the tools used to build it (Node.js, Redis), and some lessons learned along the way.

This session is sponsored by Hulu

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Dallas Mahrt


Dallas Mahrt is a Code Monkey. Over the past 13 years he has developed software for a variety of software companies and has recently returned to one of his first loves: TV. At Hulu he leads the Content Services team, ensuring that all Hulu users can find what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.


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