Licensing Models and Building an Open Source Community

Eileen Evans (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
Location: Portland Ballroom
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Do you need a copyleft license to build a community? Answering this ten years ago, the answer may have been yes, primarily driven by the contractual obligation to contribute back to the project. However, looking at the question now, open source has grown such that a vibrant, active community may be built with a permissive licensing model. Come hear some thoughts about how licensing models affect building an open source community and how their use has evolved over time.

This keynote is sponsored by HP

Photo of Eileen Evans

Eileen Evans

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Eileen Evans is the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Cloud & Open Source at HP. In her role, Eileen is responsible for leading and managing teams of senior technology attorneys, engineers and program managers responsible for HP’s open source activities.

Eileen represents HP on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors and the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors. Eileen actively participated as a Founding Member of the OpenStack Foundation Drafting and Formation Committee.

Prior to joining HP three years ago, Eileen served as a lead open source legal strategist at Sun Microsystems, where she led, managed and supported numerous open source projects, including Java, MySQL, OpenSolaris, and NetBeans.


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