What is Python?

Moderated by: wesley chun
Location: D136 Level: Novice
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Python is an agile object-oriented programming language that is continuing to build momentum… popular with the open source, LAMP and Linux/MacOS X crowd (and even Java and Win32 programmers) for applications and web development — especially for Python’s frameworks that compete with Rails: Django (including Google App Engine), Pyramid, and Plone (all RIA platforms), plus Trac and Mailman, the wiki+issue-tracker and popular mailing list manager, respectively. Web developers know about JSON already, but did you know that it maps nearly identically to Python’s dictionary/hash type? Of course Python can do multithreading, SQL/databases, GUIs, math/science, client/server systems and networking (heard of Twisted?), GIS/ESRI, QA/test, automation frameworks, plus system administration tasks too! Python can also be found at the heart of the OLPC. If Python doesn’t do what you want, you can extend it in C/C++, Java, or C# (and even VB.NET)! Have you noticed the huge growth in the number of jobs on Monster and Dice that list Python as a desired skill?

Python is easier to learn than other languages and more fun to use for development… you can code as fast as you think! Because of Python’s simple yet robust syntax, it’s a great tool to teach programming with as well as a solid (first) language to learn for non-programmers and other technical staff. Come find out why Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Cisco, YouTube, BitTorrent, LucasFilm/ILM, NASA, Ubuntu, Yelp, and Red Hat all use Python! This seminar is designed by Wesley Chun, software engineer, technical trainer, and author of Prentice-Hall’s bestselling Core Python book series, the companion video lectures, Python Fundamentals (LiveLessons DVD), and co-author of Python Web Development with Django, for those wanting to find out what Python is all about!

We have had great success and feedback giving this seminar in the past, such as at other conferences as well as to academia for more than a decade:


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