Build Your Own Cellphone From Parts

Matt Biddulph (Hackdiary)
Open Hardware
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Ever wanted a phone that doesn’t just look like a small black box straight out of a Foxconn factory? Learn how to make your own fully functional GSM phone capable of voice, SMS and data. All you’ll need is a SIM card, an Arduino, a few cheap hardware components and a soldering iron.

If you’re thinking about making your own Internet Of Things connected devices, we’ll be talking about how to embed this GSM functionality in your own non-phone hardware devices, just like Amazon does with Whispernet in the Kindle. For the right application it’s a great alternative to Wifi, Zigbee or Bluetooth connectivity.

Creating and debugging code to glue together a keypad, screen and GSM modem in 32kb of RAM is surprisingly fiddly. We’ll talk about what we learned writing the realtime state-machine that acts as an operating system.

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Matt Biddulph


Matt Biddulph is the CTO of Product Club, a new product development and invention company. Previously he was co-founder of Dopplr, the social network for smarter travel acquired by Nokia in 2009. He started out in 1994 building search engines on CD-ROM, and now specialises in hardware devices, social software and putting data on the web.

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michael conners
08/03/2013 5:12am PDT

Are there ever going to be slides for this? Or maybe a parts list?


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