We The People: Open Source, Open Data

Leigh Heyman (Executive Office of the President)
Location: Portland Ballroom
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On September 20, 2011, President Obama announced to the Open Government Partnership not only the launch of a new online tool for petitioning the U.S. Government, but also his intent that the technology itself be shared “so that any government in the world can enable its citizens to do the same.” Less than a year later, that promise was fulfilled when the source code for this tool: We The People, was published to GitHub. Since then, The White House’s engineering teams have further expanded their open source commitment with contributions to Drupal.org, more repos and pull requests on GitHub, hosting hack-a-thons, as well as the launch of their Petitions APIs, to expose the data from We The People, and let others create and sign petitions from their own apps and platform. Leigh will talk briefly about these achievements and more importantly what the future holds for Open Source and Open Data at The White House and the many ways citizens and developers can get involved.

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Leigh Heyman

Executive Office of the President

Leigh oversees the development and operations of WhiteHouse.gov, We The People, and all of the White House’s Drupal-based websites and applications. His team provides a secure, stable, and scalable technical infrastructure across the White House’s web, social media, and mobile platforms, supporting the President’s communications objectives. Leigh’s fifteen years of experience cover all aspects of system management of high-profile online engagement platforms in both the private and public sectors, including work for Blue State Digital and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


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