OpenStack Tour de Force

Florian Haas (hastexo)
Location: Portland 255
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Call us crazy, but here is where you stand up an OpenStack cloud, from
scratch, in three and a half hours. Running full throttle through the
basics of OpenStack, this fast-paced tutorial will whirl through
authentication, image storage, networking, and compute at breakneck
speed. Not for the faint at heart. A strong sysadmin or devops
background is an excellent asset to bring along to this tutorial, but
no prior knowledge of OpenStack is required. (If you do bring it to
the table, though, it certainly won’t hurt.)


If you want to follow along the practical elements of this tutorial
(not required, but highly recommended), you should bring a laptop with
the following specifications:

* 4GB RAM minimum (the more, the better)
* Dual to quad core CPU
* About 10GB free storage space (SSD preferred)

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Florian Haas


Florian is an expert in high availability, distributed storage and OpenStack, and an experienced technical consultant,
seasoned training instructor, and technical writer. He has co-developed and delivered training across the globe, in addition to helping deploy several production clouds. He is an active contributor in the OpenStack and Ceph communities.

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Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/30/2013 1:57pm PDT

Marc, the full deck is at (scroll to the bottom)—though obviously, the interactive elements where I connected to running VM’s terminals from the presentation aren’t going to work.

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/30/2013 1:56pm PDT

Federico, slides were done in impress.js using shellinabox terminals in iframes.

Picture of Marc Towersap
Marc Towersap
07/30/2013 4:55am PDT

is there a slide deck I can reference, like a pdf, powerpoint, etc?

Picture of Federico Lucifredi
Federico Lucifredi
07/26/2013 3:06am PDT

Thanks for the great overview!

by the way, I really liked the seamless slide-terminal transitions. was it a skinned terminal or were your slides in-browser?

Picture of Michael Shadle
Michael Shadle
07/23/2013 5:23am PDT has been horribly unreliable, it was going slow and steady but now I simply cannot grab the files. are there any better mirrors? I could probably host a copy on my server too, if I could get a copy. :p

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/23/2013 4:43am PDT

Vivek, sure. I’ll try to be in the room at about 1pm (i.e. 30 minutes before the tutorial kicks off).

Vivek Vaid
07/23/2013 4:06am PDT

Florian – I’d like to get that USB for a few minutes as well. Can sync up right before the presentation.

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/23/2013 3:08am PDT

James, sure! Meet me in the hallway outside the speaker lounge during morning break.

James McEvoy
07/23/2013 2:18am PDT

Have had trouble downloading the puppet vbox image. The download has stopped at 430MB on three tries using firefox, wget and lftp. Could I meet you at the morning break to borrow a USB key?

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/21/2013 10:01am PDT

I’ve set up shop in the seating area near registration, across the hall from the Message Board. Come stop by if you need a VM image.

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/21/2013 4:03am PDT

[Grumble. Typo in previous comment and I can’t edit it. Here it goes again.]

Ubuntu One download links are now linked from the info page.

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/21/2013 4:02am PDT

Ubuntu One download links are now linked from the info page.

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/21/2013 4:01am PDT

Sure, I plan to check in at registration around 5.

Picture of Rupa Dachere
Rupa Dachere
07/21/2013 3:54am PDT

If you’re around during 4-6p today (sunday), would it be possible to install the image from a usb thumbdrive? Thanks.

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/20/2013 2:55pm PDT

Please check updated information at this link.

Dropbox has cut off access to the download links due to “excessive traffic”, and are not responding to my requests to reverse this. The images are currently uploading to Ubuntu One; I will update the links once the uploads have completed.

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/20/2013 2:52pm PDT

David, I’ve responded to your question in detail on the page on our website. Hope that helps.

Picture of David Hancock
David Hancock
07/20/2013 3:36am PDT

Thanks. I’ve followed the additional instructions and was able to get openstack-puppet running. For the alice/bob/charlie VMs, though, I’m still getting flaky results. I’ve done the following about three times each for the openstack.ova imports, and all but one time, I’ve never gotten a root prompt. In one case, I got the root prompt and ran “fixup-host bob” and rebooted, and then got the black screen, no prompt.

1. Import appliance, point to openstack.ova file

2. Change name to bob, alice, charlie (or don’t change names, same result)

3. Check “reinitialize MAC address” box

4. Import (then most times a black screen results, one time, got a root prompt)

I apologize for being so needy here. If there’s more troubleshooting or assistance I can provide from this side, please let me know.

Picture of Florian Haas
Florian Haas
07/20/2013 1:00am PDT

Thanks to David for pointing out the omission in the instructions about creating VirtualBox host-only networks. I’ve fixed the instructions at to include this information. If you’ve already downloaded the images and run into the same issue as David, there is no need for you to re-download the images. Just follow the updated instructions and you should be fine.

Picture of David Hancock
David Hancock
07/19/2013 11:55pm PDT

After downloading the openstack-puppet VM, importing the .ova file, and checking the box to reinitialize the MAC addresses, I got the following error when starting up the machine:

Could not start the machine puppet because the following physical network interfaces were not found: vboxnet0 (adapter 2), vboxnet2 (adapter 4) You can either change the machine’s network settings or stop the machine.

This problem exists with the plain openstack.ova file also. Can you please help me figure out how to fix this (preferably without redownloading the .ova files?

Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
07/17/2013 11:56pm PDT

@Robert, the speaker, Florian Haas,  has compiled some useful bits about the OpenStack Tour de Force tutorial, and encourages you to take a look at this page:

Robert Sax
07/17/2013 10:28pm PDT

I haven’t seen the mentioned VM images. Any update on when they will be provided?

Picture of Federico Lucifredi
Federico Lucifredi
05/24/2013 3:40pm PDT

Okay Florian – I am coming, and I am bringing really hard questions! :)


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