The Open Compute Project

Jay Parikh (Facebook)
Location: Portland Ballroom
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Billions of people and their many devices will be coming online in the next decade, and those who are already online are living ever-more connected lives. The industry is building out a huge physical infrastructure to support this growth, but we are doing so in a largely closed fashion, inhibiting the pace of innovation and preventing us from achieving the kinds of efficiencies that might otherwise be possible.

In this keynote, Jay Parikh will provide an overview of the Open Compute Project, a thriving consumer-led community dedicated to promoting more openness and a greater focus on scale, efficiency, and sustainability in the development of infrastructure technologies. Jay will give a brief history of the project and describe its vision for the future, focusing on two new projects within OCP.

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Jay Parikh


Jay Parikh is the VP of infrastructure engineering at Facebook. In that role, he leads the engineering and operations teams responsible for building and maintaining an infrastructure that serves more than a billion users, developers, and partners worldwide.

Prior to Facebook, Jay was senior vice president of engineering and operations at Ning, where he oversaw the scaling of the company’s social networking platform from 50,000 social networks to more than 1.5 million social networks. Before Ning, Jay was the vice president of engineering at Akamai Technologies, where he helped build the world’s largest and most globally distributed computing platform.


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