An Overview of Open Source in East Asia (China, Korea, Japan)

Minwoo Park (Inmobi), Sungju Jin (KT)
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Open source have been a global phenomenon for a long time. From the US to Europe to Africa, it has changed the lives of millions of users & contributors. Yet many are still unaware of the local flavor and cultural differences open-source communities can exhibit in different countries. This is especially problematic as open-source projects now routinely span multiple nations and ethnies. In this talk, two experienced open-source participants, an evangelist and a developer, will share some of their insights of how East Asian open-source communities in China, Japan and Korea, can differ from their western counterparts.

  • Introduction: East Asian open-source community
  • East Asian culture and open source communities: Does Asian culture fits for open-source? What are the differences between Western open source culture and Asian open source culture?
  • Chinese open sources and culture: Graduate 100,000 programmers each year in China. Where is Chinese open-source programmer?
  • Korean open sources and culture (Netty, Zero board XE, Linux and Samsung)
    Government and big Manufacturers leads open-source culture in Korea. How does it work?
  • Japanese open sources and culture (Ruby, Oekaki): Ruby focused open source communities. What Japanese government did to boom up open source market in Japan
  • Closing: Future of Asian open source communities

Join us if you are interested in learning more about how very large projects such as Ruby got their start in East Asia, or how very large developer communities such as China approach open-source in ways that may surprise you!

Photo of Minwoo Park

Minwoo Park


Minwoo Park has 8+ years of software development experience. He is working for Inmobi as a Solutions Engineer in Korea. before, he was working for Samsung Electronics to develop Smart TV software platform, and run developer conferences when he was working for KTH as a developer evangelist. His interests revolve around Cloud, Python, API and Mobile marketing.

Photo of Sungju Jin

Sungju Jin


Sungju Jin is a Software Engineer at Korea Telecom. He is a committer on the Apache Usergrid. He has also presented at conferences such as O’Reilly’s OSCON, Biggest OSS Conf in Korea. He was previously working for Samsung Electronics to develop their SmartHome platform.


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