Building a Distributed SQL Database ... from Scratch

Bradford Stephens (Drawn to Scale)
Location: Portland 256 Level: Intermediate
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Spire is a new, open source, real-time distributed SQL database built from the ground up. Similar to Google’s F1, it provides the ability to have thousands of users do queries in milliseconds across petabytes of data.

Unlike existing databases which take a sharded/MPP approach to storing and processing data, Spire takes a distributed systems approach, with every component built to be scalable and fast.

This talk will explain (through mostly pictures!) the decision making process as well as some of the fundamental computer science behind Spire’s architecture.

Topics include:

  1. The difference between sharded/MPP databases and distributed databases
  2. Distributed indexing strategies
  3. Abstracting away network topology in computation
  4. What is included in a real-time distributed computational fabric
  5. Operational challenges for distributed systems in Java

Bradford is the CEO of Drawn to Scale and an experiences speaker, with many Strata, Interop, OSCON, and Structure appearances under his belt.

Bradford Stephens

Drawn to Scale

Bradford is the founder and CEO of Drawn to Scale, creators of the Spire database. Spire is a SQL database built on Hadoop and HBase, similar to Google F1. Drawn to Scale has customers powering large web apps, mobile infrastructures, telecoms, social networks, and more. A long-time user of Hadoop and HBase, Bradford has built large infrastructures at various startups and enterprises, and worked on Microsoft SQL Server. He holds degrees in Computer Science and Political Science, and spent several years as a Campaign Manager in politics at the Presidential and U.S. House levels.


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