HDFS - What is New and Future

sanjay Radia (Hortonworks), Suresh Srinivas (Hortonworks)
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The current major release, Apache Hadoop 2.0 offers several significant HDFS improvements including new append-pipeline, federation, wire compatibility, NameNode HA, and performance improvements. In this session, we describe how to take advantages of these new features and their benefits. We cover some architectural improvements in detail such as HA and Federation. The second half of the talk describes the current features that are under development for the next HDFS release. This includes much needed data management features such as Snapshots and Disaster Recovery. We add support for different classes of storage devices such as SSDs and open interfaces such as NFS; together these extend HDFS as a more general storage system. Hadoop has recently been extended to run first-class on Windows which expands its enterprise reach and allows integration with the rich tool-set available on Windows. As with every release we will continue improvements to performance, diagnosability and manageability of HDFS. To conclude we discuss the reliability, the state of HDFS adoption and some of the misconceptions and myths about HDFS.

sanjay Radia


Sanjay Radia is an Apache Hadoop committer and member of the Apache Hadoop PMC. Prior to co-founding Hortonworks, Sanjay was the chief architect of core-Hadoop at Yahoo and part of the team that created Hadoop. In Hadoop he has focused mostly on HDFS, MapReduce schedulers, high availability, compatibility, etc. He has also held senior engineering positions at Sun Microsystems and INRIA, where he developed software for distributed systems and grid/utility computing infrastructures. Sanjay has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

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Suresh Srinivas


Suresh is a senior software engineer at Hortonworks, where he develops HDFS. He is a Hadoop committer and PMC member at Apache Sofware Foundation.

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Michael Moody
08/02/2013 11:18am PDT

posting slides soon?


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