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How can you keep the audience engaged and motivated throughout an entire presentation? It’s simple: keep them on their smart phone.
This talk will reveal how the collective audience is much smarter than a single presenter. The days of asking the audience to raise their hand for an on-the-fly survey is over. An entire stream of engagement platforms for presentations are coming, and this talk will prepare you for the future.
We’ll take a look at video clips from the past year, where audiences were asked to engage with their mobile phones and laptops to create a truly unique presentation. We’ll look at how they reacted by using accurate analytics, diving into the data that was collected from the audience’s mobile and desktop web browsers. Overall this talk will focus on the “Wisdom of Crowds” and how large groups of people are smarter than an elite few. We’ll look at technology challenges that were faced while writing the prototype and how the realtime web changed everything for the future of presentations.

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Wesley Hales


Wesley Hales is a User Interface architect from Atlanta, GA. He has been involved in UI and User Experience roles for over a decade in both startup and enterprise environments. Wesley co-founded several enterprise frameworks during his 4.5 years at Red Hat and served as a co-founder of a recently acquired startup. He is now employed by Apigee as a software developer mainly focused on UI and mobile.
You can see him speak at the occasional conference, read his posts on, or follow him on twitter @wesleyhales.


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