How Not to Make Money in Open Source

Paul Brown (Multifarious, Inc)
Location: D137/138 Level: Intermediate
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Do you live in fear that your open source project might inadvertently lead to you in a ticker-tape parade or the erection of your statue in a village square? Does the giant number from SLOCcount make you want to stop coding? This talk will give you the tools you need to sleep at night.

Based on inside information and examples from real projects (names withheld) that have managed to dodge the limelight and cautionary tales from those that haven’t, you will come away from this talk with a foolproof checklist of tricks and techniques (including some that are deceptively subtle) to scare away commercial enterprises, foil acquihirers, and even fend off requests for consulting work.

Paul Brown

Multifarious, Inc

In academia and as an entrepreneur, Paul has spent the the last 25 years solving scientific and business problems with computers. He is an inveterate software tinkerer with experience that runs the gamut from computer algebra systems and obscure functional languages to the inner workings of mainstream Java middleware and NoSQL storage.


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