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Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information & make it universally accessible & useful. Education is in our DNA, so we gladly provide resources for users. However, when it comes to learning a new API, being told to “go read the docs” for code that you’ve never written before is sometimes daunting. That is why at Google I/O this summer (, we launched two new education initiatives to help users get up to speed on our developer tools and APIs in a user-friendly self-paced online learning environment.

The Google Developers Academy ( is a new program that provides training materials on Google technologies. Developers will learn and solidify their skills on many of our developer tools and APIs. We’ve launched with courses covering a variety of services like Google App Engine, Google Drive, YouTube, and our many advertising APIs. This is just the start, as we’ll add new lessons regularly.

The Google Developers University Consortium ( is a collaborative community of academics who use Google’s tools and developer platforms for instruction and research. We are providing teachers and researchers with a platform to share their materials and communicate freely with other faculty worldwide. This is a great place for the academic community to make announcements about their work, highlight successes, publish research, exchange content, and share their enthusiasm and knowledge with each other.

In addition to the above, the company has a diverse set of teams addressing various needs in the technology and education space. Programs available from these teams include (but are not limited to): K-20 technology education pedagogy, encouraging future studies and careers in the science and engineering disciplines, research (programs for university faculty, graduate students, and researchers), student activities (internships, programs, etc.), and general developer education for our tools, APIs, and platforms.

This talk servers as an overview of variety developer and education programs. Rather than an exhaustive list of all our initiatives, I’ll highlight several that have come to the forefront or that I’ve been actively participating in recently. Some knowledge of Google products, tools, and/or services may be helpful but not required.

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+WESLEY CHUN, MSCS, is author of Prentice Hall’s bestselling “Core Python” series (, the “Python Fundamentals” companion videos, co-author of “Python Web Development with Django” (, and has written for Linux Journal, CNET, and InformIT. In addition to being a Developer Advocate at Google, he runs CyberWeb (, a consultancy specializing in Python training. Wesley has over 25 years of programming, teaching, and writing experience, including more than a decade of Python. Wesley has held engineering positions at Sun, Cisco/Ironport, HP, Rockwell, and while at Yahoo!, helped create Yahoo!Mail using Python. He has delivered courses at VMware, Hitachi, LBNL, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, Foothill College, and makes frequent appearances on the conference circuit. Wesley holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Music from the University of California.


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