Introduction to Quirrel & R for Dummies

John A. De Goes (Precog)
Location: Portland 255 Level: Intermediate
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Quirrel is a statistically-oriented language designed principally for data analysis. It combines a purely-declarative, implicitly parallel design with features needed by data scientists. In this presentation, John A. De Goes (chairman of the Quirrel language committee) introduces Quirrel and shows how it can be used to solve problems across large data sets. Over the past 5 years, R has enjoyed tremendous success in the data science community, and for good reason — it comes with batteries loaded, and sports one of the best communities in the data science world. Although R is not an easy programming language to learn, the basics can be picked up rather quickly. In this talk, John A. De Goes walks through the core syntax and features of R, providing enough training to give anyone the ability to do simple analysis.

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John A. De Goes


John A. De Goes has been working professionally in distributed systems design and development for more than a decade. Author of multiple best-selling technical books, and a major contributor to open source, John has an extensive background in in scientific and distributed computing, and large-scale analytics. John is a frequent and well-received speaker at industry events. Recent engagements include Strata Conference, DeveloperWeek, MongoDB Conference, DataWeek Conference, Glue Conference, Frontier Developers and NEScala. As CEO and CTO of Precog, John is responsible for leading the design and development of the company’s data warehousing and analysis platform.


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