Real World Behavior Driven Design (BDD)

Aslak Knutsen (Red Hat)
Java & JVM
Location: E147 Level: Intermediate
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There’s no better way to communicate about the software you’re developing— no way that’s more real, meaningful and measurable —than by using tests, real tests. Tests tell a story about how the software is expected to behave and the purpose it serves. They also demonstrate the software does what it is expected to do. If either half of the equation is broken, you have something tangible to fix and a basis for a conversation about it.

In this session, we’ll explore agile development tools that help create real tests that show real results and collect real feedback. We’ll explore the concepts of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) through the use of tools from the Arquillian Universe such as Arquillian Drone, Selenium, Thucydides and Spock to demonstrate how to use real tests to drive development.

Testing features and behaviors has never been so clear and so real! What you’ll take away is a medium through which to communicate with stakeholders about the software in which you’re both investing.

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Aslak Knutsen

Red Hat

Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, Arquillian Project Lead.


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