Who’s there? - Home Automation with Arduino/RaspberryPi

Rupa Dachere (CodeChix)
Open Hardware
Location: D135 Level: Novice
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Have you ever found yourself obsessively checking UPS or FedEx tracking site to see if your package finally got delivered at your doorstep? Or wondered when your contractor/gardener showed up to do their job?
In this talk, I will show you how you can relax and rely on your handy-dandy smartphone to let you know when these events happen. And with photos and timestamps too! No more do you have to argue with the contractor that s/he showed up 3 hours late and have proof to back it up!

Arduinos/RaspberryPis are the new frontier in enabling regular developers like you and me get access to an affordable and easy-to-program platform to build cool things. In this talk, I will present how to use Arduinos/RaspberryPi to be notified that someone has shown up at your doorstep – whether you’re at home, work or a conference halfway across the world.
The talk will include an overview of Arduino/RaspberryPi and my setup (proximity sensor, camera and other hardware). I will then present how I built the initial gadget and then tied it into my smartphone which will notify me of an event happening along with a photo and timestamp.

Finally, I will wrap up with a live demo of the project and Q&A.

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Rupa Dachere


Rupa Dachere is the founder and organizer for CodeChix.org, a developer group for women in the Bay Area with chapters across USA. She currently works as Member of Technical Staff at VMware. Having worked at several startups as well as multi-nationals such as Motorola (acquisition), Nokia and Lucent-Bell Labs, her background spans web development/api’s, mobile dev, protocols and network management.


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