Coulda Been a Contributor: Making a difference through open source software

Vanessa Hurst (CodeMontage)
Geek Lifestyle
Location: E146 Level: Novice
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Open source software is so much more than shared tools we use to get ahead in business. Our communities are a unique and powerful example of social and intellectual collaboration – and yet, we still hone our skills by writing our own alarm clock apps?

This session will take the notion of a Contributor to the next level by demonstrating how to contribute to open source projects that serve the public good. We’ll review ways to find and contribute to open source projects with a focus on improving ourselves through work that matters.

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Vanessa Hurst


Vanessa is a data-focused technologist turned social entrepreneur, currently building CodeMontage to promote open social innovation and help developers improve their skills while improving the world. She believes coding is one of the most efficient and effective ways to improve the human experience. Vanessa founded and runs Developers for Good, a network of technologists who use their skills to further social missions. She also co-founded Girl Develop It, which provides accessible and affordable in-person software development courses through fourteen chapters worldwide. Previously, she led data and analytics at Paperless Post.


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