Choose Your Own Adventure - Growing Your Own Career in Open Source

Amye Scavarda (Red Hat), Leslie Hawthorn (Red Hat)
Location: D137/138 Level: Intermediate
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You’re a fantastic developer/coder of all trades/project manager/designer/sysadmin – but you want to be able to do a little more. Your focus up until this point has been fantastic at learning in your own discipline. Great!

But what if you want to branch out? How do you get from point a to point b of adding additional useful skills? What’s your strategy for being able to choose your next level up? How do you set yourself up to practice the skills you want to learn?

We’ll go through the strategic and tactical steps from choosing your next adventure, gathering your materials and acting on it from both a business perspective of a ‘career track’ as well as ways to be able to participate through open source.

We’ll walk you through both a ‘traditional career track’ and an ‘open source way’ for the following:

  • Establishing your current baseline
  • Discovering your options
  • Thinking about what works for you
  • Perspective: short and long term goals
  • Perspective applied: short and long term gains
  • Unexpected adventures/opportunities
  • Re-evaluation levels – your own metrics of success

Plus, it’ll be fun. Everyone will come away with something to work on, and audience participation will be encouraged.

Photo of Amye Scavarda

Amye Scavarda

Red Hat

Amye is project manager with personality. She’s currently the Partner Support Advocate at Acquia focusing on a combination of technical support, relationship management and channel management – so come by and ask her about how that all works. Long-time Drupalist, she participates through event and project management, and is active in Portland’s startup community.

Photo of Leslie Hawthorn

Leslie Hawthorn

Red Hat

An internationally known community manager, speaker and author, Leslie Hawthorn has over 10 years experience in high tech project management, marketing and public relations. In March 2012 she joined Red Hat, Inc., where she is responsible for Community Action & Impact on the company’s Open Source and Standards team. Prior to Red Hat, she served as Outreach Manager at Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab and as a Program Manager for Google’s Open Source Team, where she managed the Google Summer of Code Program, created the contest now known as Google Code In and launched the company’s Open Source Developer Blog.

When not focusing on all things open source and community at Red Hat, Leslie is in the “save the world business” and works on side projects that make the world a better place. She was recently invited to be a member of ConvergeUS’ 2012 Council of Innovation Advisers, a mentor for The Outercurve Foundation and a Scout for Mozilla’s WebFWD program. She also serves as a Board Member/Advisor to the following organizations: CASH Music, the Humanitarian FOSS Project, the Sahana Software Foundation and the Technology Innovation Management Review.

Leslie lives in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. with her two cats. She enjoys organic gardening, cooking for her four housemates and working on the occasional craft project. She harkens back to her days at U.C. Berkeley now and again by indulging in an evening’s read of Medieval English Literature (but you can keep your Geoffrey Chaucer; William Langland for the win!). You can follow her adventures on Twitter or her blog at


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