Collaborative Teaching for More Effective Learning

Brent Beer (GitHub)
Location: F151 Level: Novice
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Open source has been continuing its near-exponential growth in the developer and designer communities these last few years. With the power of Git and GitHub, sharing source files has never been easier. Why can’t the same be true for all teaching materials?

Companies and universities spend time and money every year training and teaching the same things to new students. What happens if the teacher isn’t there, or a substitute is in their place? This student to teacher relationship falls apart and learning is unnecessarily more difficult. If the student or substitute had access to the teaching material, they could work through the situation largely on their own, or call in assistance from the other side of the world for a teacher that had already used that particular curriculum.

In this session, we’ll see how having your courseware and other teaching materials stored in Git and on GitHub allows students to stay in touch, learn collaboratively, extract more knowledge, and potentially even give back to the course materials. Collaboration in courseware authoring is about to experience a wonderful tidal wave of change.

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Brent Beer


Brent has been a passionate user of Git and GitHub for a number of years beginning in university where he actively taught and assisted fellow classmates to use these tools. After graduation, Brent moved out to work in San Francisco to work at a web developer and later became a member of the GitHub:Training team.


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