The good, the bad, and how to avoid the Ugly - PhoneGap on Android

Lindsey Simon (Google)
Location: Portland 251 Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ****.
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This talk is primarily for those who are comfortable developing Apps for the web who want to delve into mobile / PhoneGap. Having built a successful, well-reviewed app on this platform, it’s time to share back with the community – what worked out of the box? What didn’t? What assumptions get shattered in the move to mobile and where are the tools adequate or inadequate. You’ll learn which ones to write and which patterns to avoid.

In terms of UI, Android sometimes gets a bad rap, but the WebView is fundamentally Webkit and workable. Approaching your UI the right way will save you many hours of fighting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll also need to decide when to build components in Java and when not to – we’ll cover this in detail.

When you leave this talk you’ll know:

  • Which frameworks to start with and which to avoid
  • When to write Java and when no to.
  • How to accept constraints in the system and which you can get around with a server.
  • How to target the various platforms and work with the Play Store and your users to debug issues as they arise.
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Lindsey Simon


Lindsey Simon is a Front-End Developer at Twist, a mobile startup in San Francisco. Simon hails from Austin where he worked at startups, taught computing at the Griffin School, and was the webmaster for years at the Austin Chronicle.


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