Hackerspaces: the new face of school

Nathan Dotz (Detroit Labs)
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Hackerspaces are the new face of education.

All around the world, makers have gathered in hackerspaces to provide learning resources for willing students, offering to share their knowledge and experience with others seeking to receive it. Students receive training in topics they are directly interested in, and often those topics are immediately applicable to their work, career advancement goals, and everyday lives, and provided in a personal and applied manner by direct interaction with the instructor. Some would even go so far as to say that the only differences between a hackerspace and a school are of scale and certification.

I’ll be walking through how All Hands Active, a hackerspace from Ann Arbor, MI, has been working with local libraries, school systems, and colleges to help fill in spaces in the breadth and depth of learning they can offer to their base of students. I’ll be going over some of the motivations behind the open-ideas philosophy that drives makers to share, the ways that these overlap the deficits in public school systems, suggesting ways to close the gap between hobby-learning in one’s spare time and obligatory learning at an institution, and calling for the legitimization of learning institutions that don’t fit the age-old model of “education”.

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Nathan Dotz

Detroit Labs

I’m a software engineer at Detroit Labs where we perform miracles on mobile devices and a founding member of the All Hands Active hackerspace, where we have been working steadfastly to awesomify the brains of creators for more than 3 years.


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