Literacy: The Shift From Reading to Writing

r0ml Lefkowitz (Retired)
Location: Portland Ballroom Level: Novice
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Throughout history, the virtue of literacy has been in reading. Reading was the gateway to knowledge, and as a society, we valued literacy because of the uplifting power of reading. Within the last fifty years, a cultural shift began, led by the free software movement, which started to move the locus of virtue in literacy from reading to writing. This shift is seen not only in open source development, but also social media in all its forms. In fact, one can argue that the defining difference between pre-social media and social media is the rise in the importance of writing relative to reading. The implications of this shift are as profound as the transition from orality to literacy.

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r0ml Lefkowitz


Robert (a/k/a r0ml) Lefkowitz is a software architect who works with proprietary software organizations to help them open up.


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