Clientside MVC: A Journey

Tom Cully (BigCommerce Ltd Pty)
Software Architecture
Location: Portland 251 Level: Intermediate
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What is Clientside MVC?

  • Concepts – A bird’s eye view of ClientsideMVC, what it does, how it works
  • Benefits of using Clientside MVC – How the approach can make your life easier
  • Global websites using this technology – Household names already in this space

Sounds Awesome, what’s the catch?

  • The greater (and lesser) known pitfalls of Clientside – It’s not all gravy.
  • The issue with Large Datasets – Representing gigabytes of data on the client
  • The (Late) Great SEO problem – Search Engine Optimisation and rendering clientside content on the server
  • Uptake, Compatibility, and developer resistance – Browser and mobile compatibility and the serverside old guard

The BigCommerce Clientside MVC Journey

  • Migration Plans – How we decided to approach the move
  • Start Small, Don’t Give Up – An account of the first small steps and the problems faced and overcome
  • Mobile Applications – The specific problems with mobile apps in this approach
  • The Ongoing Journey – Our customer feedback, how we’re not done yet, and the miles to go

How do I do All the Cool Things?

  • A Thousand and one frameworks, and rolling your own – AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, Mozart
  • An example app, the canonical Todo in MVC – TodoMVC
  • Serverside technologies to support this approach – Node.JS, Ruby/Rails, PHP, .NET
  • API Integration – API styles and how the various frameworks deal with them
  • Getting the best out of JS and HTML5 – Why and how all of this became possible
  • Realtime apps with WebSockets

Links, More Info, Further Reading

Q & A

Photo of Tom Cully

Tom Cully

BigCommerce Ltd Pty

Tom Cully is a senior software engineer at Bigcommerce, and the creator of the Mozart MVC framework. He has designed and written application and enterprise software for over 15 years, in companies ranging from tiny startups to large internationals.


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