Squishymedia's KegBot-based technology testbed

Eric Miller (Squishymedia)
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Squishymedia built a KegBot to monitor temperature and flow data in our multi-tap office kegerator. The data flows from sensor electronics installed in the kegerator through an Arduino board out to server infrastructure which collects and analyzes the data for display in a Drupal-based dashboard.

The project, though, isn’t just about the beer. We’re doing it because it’s a great way to test out load balancing, mirroring, distributing data, fault tolerance and recovery, performance analysis, monitoring, and other skills that we should be developing on a non-production testbed. Besides, testing is a lot more fun when it involves drinking beer.

Our presentation will start with a brief introduction to the KegBot platform and our implementation and extensions, then will continue on to talk about how we used it to test new technologies, try out new techniques, and expand our skillsets developing high availability systems handling real-time data.

Eric Miller


Eric Miller is Principal of Squishymedia, a web and mobile application development firm in Portland, Oregon. Squishymedia specializes in building highly usable and informative applications for clients in healthcare and the public sector.

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Chris Rothenberger
07/26/2013 4:49am PDT

Will beer be served?


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