Functional Composition

Piers Cawley (Loafery)
JavaScript & HTML5
Location: Portland 252 Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ***..
(3.20, 15 ratings)

It’s surprising how complicated things can get when you combine higher order programming with music making. Learn about functional composition, infinite data structures, continuation passing style, functions that make functions from functions, parsers, interpreters and learn how easy it is to make a compiler if you’re not worried about Turing Completeness.

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Piers Cawley


Piers Cawley started programming Perl in the mid nineties, but recently spent a few years working as a Ruby programmer.

He’s currently writing Perl for Headforwards in Cornwall. His surfing days are behind him.

He used to write a weekly summary of developments in Perl 6 for the website and is currently writing (will have written) an eBook for O’Reilly about Higher Order Javascript.

He’s a singer and balloon modeller, and has created custom balloon millinery for Sarah Novotny.

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Picture of Jon Guidry
Jon Guidry
07/26/2013 4:18am PDT

Hi, Piers! Will you be posting your slides for this? Thanks!


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