Automating Community Contributions to Puppet with Github, Heroku, Trello and Travis

Jeff McCune (Puppet Labs)
Tools and Techniques
Location: Portland 256 Level: Intermediate
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In this talk I will give you an overview of how Puppet Labs handles the influx of code contributions to our open source software products. As part of this overview, you’ll take away an understanding of the methods and practices we’ve found to work well as well as those that we’ve found… lacking. In addition to this understanding of our community contribution process, you’ll get to see a demonstration of the puppet-webhooks Sinatra application, a Ruby tool we’ve written to automate much of the community contribution process. The puppet-webhooks application is Free, Open Source Software that eliminates much of the manual process of using Trello to track our backlog and work-in-progress, while also relying on Github for code hosting. The application further automates the process by responding to events generated by Travis CI and automatically updating our Trello board in response. In the demo I will demonstrate how to get started with the code and how to deploy your own copy of the application to the Heroku Cloud, for free, for your own projects.

The application is at:

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Jeff McCune

Puppet Labs

Recovering systems engineer turned software engineer, responsible for helping the Puppet community contribute their code to our open source projects.


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