Writing Idiomatic PHP

David Sklar (Ning (Glam Media))
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So you’ve been programming for a while. You’ve been cranking out Java AbstractBeanFactories for years. Or wading hip deep in C++ templates. Or building beautifully agile test-first Ruby on Rails web applications.

And then, suddenly, here’s some PHP code you have to deal with. Because, you know, PHP is almost everywhere these days. Maybe you need to get up to speed on an existing project at work, or write a few Wordpress plugins for a pal, or you’re just succumbing to the ubiquity of PHP on shared hosting everywhere.

Given your existing skills, the basics of PHP syntax and code flow are no problem. But this tutorial gives you the details you need to become an idiomatic PHP programmer. We won’t spend time on language basics, but instead tour the landscape of the “PHP way” to approach tasks and concepts that you already know how to do in another language.

We’ll talk about things such as:

  • types and type conversion
  • the rules and limitations of classes and objects in PHP
  • how to handle errors and exceptions
  • what’s fast and what’s slow in PHP
  • where to find good add-on packages and libraries
  • tips for setting up your development environment, debugging, and testing

If you’re already comfortable in one or more programming languages and need (or want) to write PHP like a native speaker, this is the tutorial for you.


* A laptop with a recent version of PHP up and running on it would be helpful (but not essential) to noodle with some of the examples in the tutorial
* A laptop without a PHP up and running on it would be helpful (but not essential) to get PHP up and running on it during the “development environment” part of the tutorial

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David Sklar

Ning (Glam Media)

David Sklar is a Distingished Engineer at Ning, part of Glam Media, where he has been instrumental in the creation and evolution of the company’s social networking platform. David is the author of Learning PHP 5 (O’Reilly), Essential PHP Tools (Apress), and the co-author of multiple editions of PHP Cookbook (O’Reilly). He lives in New York City and has a degree in Computer Science from Yale University.


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