6 Minute Apps! Build Your First Modern Web App

James Ward (Salesforce.com)
Java & JVM
Location: Portland 251 Level: Novice
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The web application landscape is rapidly shifting back to a
Client/Server architecture. This time around, the Client is JavaScript,
HTML, and CSS in the browser. The tools and deployment techniques for
these types of applications are abundant and fragmented.

This session will teach you how to pull together jQuery, Bootstrap, and
some CoffeeScript to build the Client. The Server could be anything that
talks HTTP, but this session will use the Play Framework with Java and
Scala to build JSON REST services.

Bring your laptop so you can follow along and walk away with a fully
functional modern web application!

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James Ward


James Ward (www.jamesward.com) works for Typesafe where he teaches developers the Typesafe Stack (Play Framework, Scala, and Akka) . James frequently presents at conferences around the world such as JavaOne, Devoxx, and many other Java get-togethers. Along with Bruce Eckel, James co-authored First Steps in Flex. He has also published numerous screencasts, blogs, and technical articles. Starting with Pascal and Assembly in the 80′s, James found his passion for writing code. Beginning in the 90′s he began doing web development with HTML, Perl/CGI, then Java. After building a Flex and Java based customer service portal in 2004 for Pillar Data Systems he became a Technical Evangelist for Flex at Adobe. In 2011 James became a Principal Developer Evangelist at Salesforce.com where he taught developers how to deploy apps on the cloud with Heroku. James Tweets as @_JamesWard and posts code at github.com/jamesward.

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Picture of James Ward
James Ward
07/29/2013 4:14am PDT

Thanks to everyone who came to the session! Thanks for bearing with some Activator issues and lack of a TA. Aside from fixing those things let me know if there are other things that would have made the session better. Thanks!

Picture of James Ward
James Ward
07/17/2013 7:17am PDT

Hi Jennifer,

You will need JDK6+ and Typesafe Activator: http://typesafe.com/platform/getstarted

See you on Monday!


Jennifer Pierce
07/16/2013 4:40am PDT

Hi, I just wanted to make sure that there isn’t something we can/should download before coming to this tutorial.

Thank you!


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