Increasing OSS Adoption and Contribution In Your Company

Doug Gaff (NPR Digital Services)
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In brief: this talk is about how to increase your company’s participation in open source so that you can do more open source as part of your day job.

You’re coming to OSCon because you already believe in open source. It makes your job easier because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You like working in open source communities, and you’re probably giving back, perhaps officially at your job or unofficially in the evenings.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen almost universal consumption of open source stacks in virtually every field. But contributing back to open source with company sponsorship remains elusive for many.

This talk will help you get your company more involved by giving you a structured way to explain open source and make the case for contribution. The CC-licensed presentation template you’ll receive in the talk contains material for covering all the important OSS topics: business models, communities, licensing, contribution processes, and IP risks. I’ll explain how I use the presentation and the responses to typical questions I get, and I’ll leave time to answer questions that you may be facing in your own organizations.

As background, I created this presentation template after seeing a pattern in general lack of understanding and outright misconceptions around open source coming from executives and lawyers. I’ve worked on open source contribution strategies for 3 companies: Wind River Systems (an embedded software company), CourseBuilders (an e-learning startup), and National Public Radio (a media company). Hopefully this talk will give you a jump start on materials and strategy for moving your company deeper into open source.

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Doug Gaff

NPR Digital Services

Doug Gaff is the Sr. Director of Technology for NPR Digital Services, where he leads the app development and infrastructure teams responsible for building and deploying web, mobile, and streaming products for NPR Member Stations. Previously Gaff founded a web startup company in the Digital Publishing space, led several open source software projects in the Eclipse community, and ran software teams building embedded software and tools. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech.

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Doug Gaff
07/24/2013 5:48am PDT

Get the presentation on github:

Click Download Zip in the bottom right corner or fork it if you want to contribute. (Github doesn’t handle binary very well.)


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