HTML Canvas Deep Dive

Joshua Marinacci (PubNub)
JavaScript & HTML5
Location: Portland 251 Level: Novice
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Games account for about half of the apps in the typical app store. They are among the first thing ported to any new platform. Games help drive technology forward. This year’s edition of the popular HTML Canvas Deep Dive will focus specifically on building cross platform games for mobile and desktop. We will cover everything needed to build basic games with animation, scrolling, sound effects and music, image loading, sprites, and even joystick support. Then we will learn how to package them to run on desktop and mobile devices, both in and outside of app stores.


  • Why make games?
  • Why make games in Canvas?
    • it’s easy and fun!
    • works everywhere. more places than any other graphics API.
    • keeps getting faster and more powerful.
  • Anatomy of a game
    • game engine: it’s more than just a run loop
    • images: sprites, models, and more
    • input: keyboard, touch, and joysticks
    • animation and player control
    • scaffolding: menus and splash screens
  • picking a game engine
    • 2d engines
    • 3d engines
    • rolling your own
  • drawing to the screen with movement
  • handling input:
    • regular events: keyboard and mouse
    • multi-touch: utilities to help
    • gamepad / joystick
    • camera
  • audio:
    • background music
  • sound effects
    • latency
    • doubling up the playback
    • considerations for mobile
  • resource management
  • finishing touches:
    • fullscreen
    • splash screens
    • loading screens
  • sharing your game with the world
    • on the web
    • mobile app stores
    • desktop app stores
    • tools to help
    • case study
  • performance
    • desktop
    • mobile
    • using 3d for 2d work
  • tools to help
    • performance tuning
    • resource editing
    • existing artwork and music you can use


* A laptop
* Latest version of Chrome browser
* A text editor

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Photo of Joshua Marinacci

Joshua Marinacci


Ask me about HTML Canvas, GUI toolkits, and visual design. Or ask me to rant about Java stuff.

Josh Marinacci is a blogger and co-author of “Swing Hacks” and “Building Mobile Apps with Java” for O’Reilly. He is currently a researcher for Nokia.

He previously worked on webOS at Palm and JavaFX, Swing, NetBeans, and the Java Store at Sun Microsystems.

Josh lives in Eugene, Oregon and is passionate about open source technology & great user interfaces. He uses a MacBookPro and Nikon DSL to spread understanding of great design in software.

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Picture of Jacob Nicholson
Jacob Nicholson
07/20/2013 2:03pm PDT

Really excited for this talk, looks like a ton of fun and great information!


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