Hardware Hacking With Your Kids

Dave Neary (Red Hat)
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How do you grow the next generation of hackers? New little humans are clean slates. As parents, we get to fill them full of seditious thoughts about the value of sharing and taking control of your environment.

As a parent of three kids, now 10, 7 and 5 years old, I’ve worked my way through the challenges of getting my kids enthusiastic about technology while avoiding the temptation of doing too much, too soon. This is one parent’s story of bringing his kids from pre-school construction toys through to building a solar powered Arduino-driven car built in part with components scavenged from old electronic toys.

Come and hear lessons learned, get ideas for toys and approaches you might not be aware of, and please share what has worked for you!

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Dave Neary

Red Hat

Dave Neary is a member of Red Hat’s Open Source and Standards team, helping to make all of Red Hat’s upstream projects wildly successful.

With a long history of participation in free software projects, including the GIMP, GNOME, OpenWengo, Maemo and MeeGo, Dave has been exploring the subject of company/community interactions for over a decade.


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