Testing Hybrid Applications on Android

Joe Bowser (Adobe)
Location: D139/140 Level: Intermediate
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Testing hybrid applications on Android is a very complex task, since the tests will have to run both with native and in the webview components. Currently, there are tools that manage to do this, but they do tend to be extremely complex, lack documentation, and often only to test the native components of Android or only test the Web Browser. Furthermore, when testing the web, we run into the additional issue of the fact that a pixel is not really a pixel and that screen sizes and densities must be taken into account when releasing software and doing continuous integration.

This talk will go over how Apache Cordova is tested and also the tools that we are developing that will allow developers to test applications for Android. Included will be various stories of how bugs got through, and how our quality has increased because of the effort that is put into testing.

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Joe Bowser


Joe is the creator of the Android implementation of Adobe PhoneGap, which has been used in products featured in Popular Science, and as part of the Sony Web SDK. He also works on various client projects developing mobile applications for many platforms using PhoneGap and other frameworks that leverage web technologies. He spends his spare time going to various security conferences, and helping run the Vancouver Hacker Space, which he co-founded, as well as contributing to other Open Source projects.


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