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Francesc Campoy (Dgraph)
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The Go Programming Language was launched as an open source project in November 2009. With the help of hundreds of contributors from the open source community, we releasd Go version 1.0 in March 2012. Today Go has a dedicated following and is used by big corporations, startups, and individuals around the world.

One of the great challenges and pleasures of designing a new programming language is learning how to use it. When we first launched Go in 2009 we knew very few of the idioms and techniques that produce effective Go programs. Now in 2013, with the benefit of years of experience, there is much we have discovered about building efficient, scalable, and maintainable Go programs.

In this talk we share these “best practices” by building a Go library from the ground up, at each stage discussing the decisions we made and why we made them. In this way the audience should gain an understanding of how to effectively design, build, test, and package their own Go programs and libraries.

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Francesc Campoy


Francesc Campoy is the VP of Product at Dgraph: the most advanced distributed graph database.

Before that, he was VP of Product and Developer Relations at source{d}, the company enabling Machine Learning for large scale code analysis and building the platform for the future of developer tooling. Previously, he worked at Google as Senior Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform and the Go team.

He’s passionate about programming and programmers, especially Go and gophers. As part of his effort to help those learning, he’s given many talks and workshops at conferences like Google I/O, Gophercon(s), GOTO, or OSCON.

When he’s not on stage he’s probably coding, writing blog posts, or working on his justforfunc YouTube series where he hacks while cracking bad jokes.

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Francesc Campoy
07/24/2013 5:49pm PDT

The slides are available at talks.golang.org/2013/bestpractices.slide

Thanks for attending!

George Shields
07/24/2013 2:13pm PDT

Slides, please


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